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Havana Odyssey Stephen E Murphy
Havana Odyssey

On the Edge Stephen E. Murphy
On the Edge

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Havana Odyssey: Chasing Ochoa’s Ghost is an insightful look at modern-day Cuba.  The book is sympathetic to the Cuban people yet critical of the inner workings of the authoritarian state. This historical novel reads well, offering romance, treachery and personal redemption. I like it.”

---Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, Director, The Cuban Studies Institute (Coral Gables, FL).  Author, Cuba: From Columbus to Castro and Beyond, Breve Historia de Cuba, University Students and Revolution in Cuba.


Welcome, readers to my new author’s webpage.  As an introvert, I’m still trying to get used to sharing my inner self with others. Please do not get put off if I struggle a bit.

My new book, Havana Odyssey: Chasing Ochoa’s Ghostwill launch on Labor Day 2020. It represents keeping my promise made 30 years ago to a Cuban exile, Ana Maria Sanchez. I didn’t keep my promise then, so I wrote this book to honor her and her heroic uncle, General Arnaldo Ochoa. Why did the Castros send him to the firing squad in 1989, and why does his ghost still hover over Cuba? To answer those and other questions, I interviewed 65 Cubanos from all walks of life and have changed their names to protect the innocent. I hope you will enjoy the sometimes poignant, sometimes exhilarating journey as much as I did in putting it into print for you.

Thank you = Muchas gracias, Stephen = Esteban = stephenemurphyauthor


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