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Brazilian Odyssey Stephen E Murphy
Brazilian Odyssey

Havana Odyssey Stephen E Murphy
Havana Odyssey

On the Edge Stephen E. Murphy
On the Edge

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BRAZILIAN ODYSSEY takes the reader on a wild ride throughout my vast homeland. Feel the pain of Tatiana seeking justice for her slain cousin and of journalist Lucio battling vigilantes in Belém. Meet Vera, the social worker, who faces down a drug lord in São Paulo and a crafty Colombian kingpin who plies the corridors of power to expand his Amazon trade. Based on eye-witness testimonies, the author weaves a chilling yet hopeful story of contemporary Brazil.

Professsor Claudio V. Furtado, DBA, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (São Paulo); Author


Welcome, readers to my revised author’s webpage.  My sequel to the Professor Luke Shannon series of “odyssey and redemption” offers an inside look at those battling to save Brazil’s rainforests, indigenous people and fragile democracy against the powers that be. Based on over one hundred interviews with Brazilians in the Amazon, Brasilia, the Pantanal, Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazilian Odyssey is told through the eyes of sixteen heroes and heroines today.

"Having read and much enjoyed the twists and turns of Havana Odyssey, I am savoring Brazilian Odyssey even more.  Its hero comes face to face with the deforestation brigade, a different kind of Trojan War fought in the Amazon jungle.  Let’s just hope this Odysseus manages to get out with his body and mind intact. "Kas Kalba, PhD, author and founder, Digital Network (Brazil)

Thank you = Obrigado, Stephen = Estive = stephenemurphyauthor


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